Tennis French Mountain

Tennis gets inspired by mountains

Perched high up in the mountains is an inspiring place to be.  Even sports super stars need motivation from time to time and seek out high altitude epic views.  I came across an article reporting on tennis sensation Novak Djokovic and his recent hill walking adventures after losing in the French open.

Summiting Mont Sainte-Victoire

The tennis ace went trekking in France with his wife and took time out of his busy schedule for self reflection.  Remembering the positives of what he enjoyed most about the sport has helped renew his love for the game of tennis and refreshed his energy levels for a return.

tennis French mountain

Back to winning tennis

Once back on the court following his mountain adventure, Novak has been unstoppable.  Winning at Queen’s, Wimbledon and the US open, Novak’s time away from tennis outdoors has had a hugely positive impact.  For regular hill walkers this is of course confirming everything we already knew about being alone in the wilderness.  There are huge physical and mental health benefits from getting outside.

Get disconnected

The ability to disconnect from a society that is online 24/7 is a positive thing.  No phone signal or 4G reception?  No problem!  Its amazing the perspective you can get on the world from being high up in the mountains.  Issues suddenly don’t seem so big in comparison to the views and its the perfect opportunity to clear your mind from cluttered distraction.

Beinn Narnain summit camp

Get started

If you aren’t sure where to get started check out some of my articles on mountain fitness and the best places to visit to find out just how much being outdoors can benefit your wellbeing.  You don’t have to be a super fit tennis player like Novak to give it a try, just taking those first steps is the most important thing.  Just do it!