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Bothy hopping in the Scottish wilderness

After a successful bothy new year I became a new convert to the simple mountain life. A bothy is an unlocked place of shelter usually found in the highlands of Scotland. Bothies offer different levels of luxury starting from only basic walls and roof, through to a toilet and even electricity. Now having quit the […]

Bothy New Year Glenfeshie

What better way to kick off entering a new year than by ticking off another item on the bucket list. Bothy living. For those not in the know, a bothy is a Scottish mountain hut or cottage. Normally used by hikers and mountaineers during expeditions to hike near by munros or try new climbing routes. […]

Summit camping on Ben Lawers

Plan it After picking up some new camera gear over the summer the first idea on my list was to get glorious pictures of the sunset and sunrise in the mountains.  What’s the most comfortable way of achieving that in Scotland I wondered?  Waiting around on a cold hill side or getting up early on […]