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DVLA V5 changes for camper van conversion

With your new camper van interior fitted and all of the accessories bolted down, its time to make those important changes to your vehicle registration.  Amending your van V5 with the DVLA from an ordinary humble panel van over to a motor caravan will have many benefits.  First up and most importantly you will benefit […]

Glen Coe ghost busting

Heading into Autumn I’m excited to confirm that Harvey the RV is now fully converted and ready to hit the open road.  The first destination on the list being munro bagging to Glen Coe in the Scottish highlands.  Huge thanks to John over at Revolution Vans for all his hard work on the VW T6 camper conversion project.  With […]

Van Life – Maiden voyage of Harvey The RV

At the start of the year I covered the benefits of car camping, as an alternative to traditional tents or bivvy bags.  Converting my standard hatch back into a camper led to lots of fun adventures in the munros and across the Scottish highlands for minimal cash outlay.  While a great solution on a budget, it felt slightly […]

What drone should I buy to use outdoors in the mountains?

Drones have been in the news frequently lately through misuse in urban areas and near busy flight paths.  This presents a good opportunity to reduce some of the negativity around the technology and your drone to a safer purpose in the mountains.   Well away from populated areas and in open spaces, a drone can be […]