podcast launch

Podcast launch for Goseemountains.com

Life on the road has opened up a whole host of possibilities but also challenges. In those lonely dark nights in the hills we @ Goseemountains.com have had time to put pen to paper on recording our first podcast series. The intention of the podcast is to document life as we experience it away from the insta-famous or youtube shine. There are many good points to van life travel but sometimes the reality gets glossed over. The Goseemountains.com podcast will be keeping it real.

Future podcast topics

At the moment the crew @ Goseemountains.com are making their way around Scotland munro bagging. In the future we are considering walking from Fort William along the Cape Wrath trail. A long distance walk of over 200 miles. The podcast series will cover all of these adventures before we take the van and microphone to Europe. Winter will certainly offer a whole new scene of experiences to share with you.

European post Brexit getaway

Our first road trip to Europe will certainly be epic. If you have suggestions of where we should visit or what to explore get in touch. You can use the social media links at the top of the page. Be sure to follow us for blog updates on our travels and more interesting podcast episodes. Options now include running the Athens marathon, cycle touring Turkey or even working on a Alpaca farm.

Your feedback is important to us

Getting our podcast off the ground hasn’t been without hard work. Making the podcast better and more relevant to you is important to us. Please feel free to send in feedback on either the audio quality, ease of access or overall content. There will be an element of learning as we grow with this podcast but your input can make it even better.