Affordable outdoors travel accessories

You’ve been following my recent articles covering great outdoor destinations in the United Kingdom and beyond.  You’re all booked up for a fantastic adventure holiday away and ready to enjoy the down time but what ar affordable accessories that will enhance your trip?  You don’t have to spend big to be able to pack some great travel accessories to take with you into the mountains.  Here are my top five recommendations of items to take with you on your next vacation.

Manfrotto Pixi Tripod

The Pixi Tripod from Manfrotto is a high quality mini tripod.  Weighing only a few 100 grams and covering the length of your hand, the Pixi is the perfect travel companion for outdoors photography or video capture needs.  It is small enough to fit anywhere, be it in your pocket or ruck sack and will stop you getting those wobbly out of focus images when you get home.

For the solo traveler, the Pixi is the perfect solution to shoot some amazing shots of yourself in action or at the summit of your climb.  I carry mine where ever I go and have found it to be a well priced and robust piece of equipment.  The Pixi has seen regular use in high winds and snow in the Scottish highlands and has never let me down.

In the past I have used cheaper options that quickly fail.  Even some more expensive mini tripods from a certain Guerrilla brand have also broken at the moment you need them most.  I have not had any such problems with the Pixi in well over a year of constant use.

Manfrotto Smart Phone Holder

Firstly no I’m not sponsored by Manfrotto.  They just make very high quality products that are fit for purpose and long lasting.  The Manfrotto smart phone holder would make a great combination for the Pixi tripod.  Don’t be put off by the seemingly premium price, its craftsmanship once you hold it will amaze you.  Its made from high quality metal that won’t fail like the cheap plastic holders (I went through several of) and is strong enough to be throw around in your bag.

The holder screws down into any 1/4 inch standard tripod mount.  Instantly your phone becomes transformed into something almost as useful as a DSLR but with none of the size or weight limitations.  With your phone held steady you will see a big increase in the quality of the images you can take, framing and sharpness.  You will no longer suffer from camera shake on windy days or while trying to capture the perfect selfie as the Manfrotto holds your phone rock steady.

I wish I had bought one earlier, as after purchasing lots of cheap versions I could have had the Manfrotto from the start. Buy once buy smart and don’t miss out on an image because you tried to save a few pennies.

Leatherman Squirt

A multitool is a great travel item to take with you on any outdoors adventure in the mountains.  There will always be a situation where you need to open something, cut or snip and unless you are carrying a bag of tools you will get frustrated quickly.  The Leatherman Squirt is the perfect option as it covers the majority of tasks in a tiny package.

I’m not a big fan of having huge multitools hanging from rucksacks or key rings.  The Leatherman Squirt however is tiny.  I’ve had mine on my keyring for over a year now and you would barely notice it.  That doesn’t mean it sacrifices anything in terms of functionality.  I’ve used the scissors, wire cutters, file and blade regularly for a wide range of tasks and haven’t felt let down.

Its made of high quality metal that hasn’t rusted and if it did Leatherman offer a lifetime replacement warranty.  Even when not traveling, the Leatherman Squirt is an accessory you can carry with you and use every day of the week.  The blade is short enough to be legal to carry in the UK so there is nothing to worry about.  Many of the larger multitools have large locking blades that are illegal to carry on the street so please be aware.

Titanium Spork

Everyone has to eat when they travel right?  So why not do it in style.  The titanium spork will bring you a high class feel to any meal, on the go, where ever you are.  I was skeptical at first but after breaking several plastic versions and getting tired of rusting camping cutlery, I finally tried the titanium spork and would never go back.

Its a do it all item, spoon, knife and fork in one, made from very lightweight metal.  Quick to clean and store to carry with you, the spork can be used and put away for carrying in seconds.  Its the perfect affordable traveling companion for a day outdoors in the mountains where you might have soup or pasta pots.  There isn’t much more to say, just buy one and don’t look back.

Anker Powercore

Everyone needs power.  With so many portable devices now constantly in use, the battery drains quickly and runs out when you need it most.  If you are travelling outdoors its worth purchasing a portable battery charger like the Anker Powercore.  Sure you can get cheaper options out there but nothing will give you as reliable a high capacity that will be durable enough to last years.

I’ve been using an older version of the Anker Powercore now for over two years on all of my munro trips throughout the Scottish highlands.  I’m able to charge my iPhone 3 or 4 times per charge, letting me carry on taking pictures and making calls over a long weekend away from any available mains power.

You charge it before you travel and then the LED lights on the side update you on how much power remains.  It really is as simple as plug and go.  The Powercore will keep your devices running all through the day so you can check in with friends and let them know your safe and having the time of your life.  Enjoy the adventure and stop worrying about batteries forever.

What are you waiting for go travel and explore!

All of these recommendations are available for well under £50 price point in the United Kingdom.  Follow the links provided or click on the images if you would like to pick one up for yourself.  I personally own all of them and only recommend them after testing them for over a year in remote and bad weather locations.

Are there any affordable travel accessories you would recommend?  I would love to hear new product suggestions in the comments.