Shadow cocker spaniel

Shadow The Mountain Dog – Munro Bagging Stuchd an Lochain

My dad woke me up early around 6am one morning.  It was a weekend and all I wanted to do was sleep in bed on my back and stay out of the rain.  Giving my ear a scratch and stretching my legs out I had a look to see what all the activity was.  Quickly I realised we were heading into the mountains as he had put on my Julius K9 harness.  Its such a comfy fit on my back and stops me choking myself if I pull.  Well…I’m not suppose to pull but… I am a Spaniel after all!   If you would like to get one like mine head over to Amazon by clicking here and check them out.

All systems go

Lead on, I was rushed into the car where I could at least get some more sleep after such an early start.  On our way we drove past the empty streets while dad listened to some dodgy 90s dance music.  Mum would never put up listening to this stuff and its even worse when he sings along so early in the morning.  Fortunately I have long ears that block out a lot of the racket.

We headed across the Erskine bridge and down past Loch Lomond where I love to go swimming when I’m allowed in.  The water there is so cool and fresh, I love feeling it on my fur as I float like a seal.  Driving through a tiny village called Killin I woke up just in time to see the water pouring down the river as we crossed the old stone bridge.

the route

Before long we were heading high up into the mountains past what looked like an old ski centre.  Dad went on about having climbed all of the summits in the range.  Lawers or something it was called, I couldn’t care less and went back to sleep but kept half an eye open in case any sheep came near.  Sure enough dad drove over a cattle grid.  I love the sound the tyres make on the iron bars below.  I jumped up and admired all of the sheep as we hurtled by, they looked a bit warm with their jackets on in summer heat.


The car screeched to a halt.  We had finally arrived somewhere, just as I was starting to get car sick from all of the windy mountain roads.  I love going outdoors with dad but the travelling part is never good, maybe its the driver.  Dad got his rucksack on and we headed over a bridge towards a huge concrete looking thing.  I shouldn’t of asked about it or paid any interest on marking my scent on it.  All I heard as we started to ascend up hill was the history of the area and how the hydro electric dam had been built in the 1960’s.  More importantly, had he packed my biscuits?

shadow munro bagging

To get dad to stop talking about the dam I let him take my picture.  This is me surveying the water for possible swimming spots later.  I made him get my best side and show off my cool blue harness.  Remember to click the link above if you want one like mine so I can get more treats.

The climb

Onwards we plodded up the grassy wet slopes.  There were plenty of things to sniff and even a few birds to try and chase.  I love being outside in the mountains, there is always so much to see and explore.  Eventually after almost two hours walking we made it up to a bunch of stones piled up in a stack.  Dad seemed really pleased to see them and I got lots of praise for being a clever boy.  Silly, I know I am clever.  Here is a picture of us at the top beside the stones.  Don’t I look handsome?

shadow and Dad at munro summit


Dad shared his lunch with me and we spent some time admiring the view.  Stuchd an Lochain sounds like a really strange name, humans are so funny.  Things do sure look small from up here I thought.  I could almost see the dam where we had started from.  With the sight seeing out of the way, I made sure I did my special summit dance on the grass.  You can see me doing it in the video below.

Well earned rest

Afterwards it was time to make our way back down the same route we had come to the car.  I didn’t get to swim as dad said I was too tired, even though I wasn’t but I did get plenty of rewards with yummy biscuits and my coat dried with a towel.  Its not too bad going outdoors into the mountains on a weekend after all.  I can’t wait to get home for a rest and tell my mum all about our adventure.

shadow resting

My next trip into the mountains to bag more munros can’t come quick enough.  Dad has a special map and when we climb one together it gets updated on the wall with a green dot so I can see all the places I’ve visited.  Do you have a mountain dog?  Shadow would love to hear about your adventures in the comments.

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