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Shadow The Mountain Dog – Munro Bagging in Drumochter

Shadow The Mountain Dog – Munro Bagging in Drumochter.  It was early Sunday morning and I woke dad up with a paw and a nudge.  I was hoping to go out to the toilet and then back in to my warm bed to sleep.  Little did I know dad had other plans and we were about to head off on another mountain adventure outdoors in the Scottish Highlands.

After a quick visit to the grass to attend to business, I got my harness on and realised bed wasn’t happening.  If you think it looks smart and want to get one just like mine remember to head over to Amazon here.  Dad got the bags ready and I caught a sniff of some tasty treats being thrown in along with my water bowl.  Things were starting to look up!

The adventure begins

The boot lid closed shut and I settled down to get some rest as it looked like I was in for a long day.  We hit the open road for the A9 towards Drumochter, while Dad kept me half awake humming along to his usual collection of long since forgotten tunes.  I’m told back in his day you had to flip something called a tape to the other side to hear them all.  Sure sounds like a lot of work to me.


Before long we arrived at the side of a busy road near a place dad calls the Drumochter Pass.  I got bored as usual hearing about it but its something to do with icebergs and long ago times.  Maybe they were listening to car tapes then too.  Anyway here is a picture of me taking in the view at the start looking out to Sgairneach Mhor.

We started our walk heading under some railway tracks and then through slow flowing streams.  I love splashing in the water and keeping cool on a warm day.  The tracks eased off as we started to climb up hill.  We covered some of my favourite ground over grassy heather and I found plenty of burrows to sniff.  I made sure I was the first to point out all of the rabbits and birds we came across.  Good job dad kept me on my lead as they sure looked fun to play chase with.

Heading for the munro summit

After another hour of walking up hill the ground levelled out.  We headed along a little ridge and took in some great views.  I love being outdoors on days like this, it gives a great sense of freedom.  Eventually we came to a big stone looking block.  I was a little scared at first but it didn’t move so it seemed safe.  Dad seemed relieved to reach it and sat down for a rest.  I wasn’t tired one bit.


Above is us at the summit right beside the big lump of stone.  I made sure he got my best side in the picture.

We stopped for some lunch and one of the highlights of the day, eggs!  Together with some dog biscuits and water this made for a real treat.  I need to make sure I keep going out with dad to get more yummy stuff like this.

egg life

With our bellies full I could of done with a rest but dad wanted to get moving.  Two of these mountains in one day, what was this human thinking!?  Off we went on our way down hill and then up a shorter grassy slope towards Beinn Udlamain.  Luckily it was a much shorter walk to the top of this mountain, what a relief.

Below is a picture of me posing beside some rusty old metal poles.  Who would leave that kind of rubbish way up here?  A silly human probably.

summit two

The return voyage

With tired legs we started on our way back to the car.  Following the slope of the hill down and back in the direction of the busy road with its cars and lorries hurtling by.  I enjoyed taking a minute out to look at the beautiful views filled with heather.  It looked like there was even a river down there to paddle in.  Get me down quick!

Drumochter pass

Dad seemed tired so it took a little while to make it down lower towards the river side.  I stuck my head right in the water like a duck as soon as I could and got soaked.  Just what I needed after a hard day walking in the mountains!  We took our time walking back along the track towards the car with wet feet but smiles on our faces.  I can’t wait to get home and put another green dot on our map together to record this munro adventure.

Do you have a mountain dog?  Shadow would love to hear about your adventures in the comments.  To read about another of my trips click here.