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Reviewing Wimaxit USB powered monitor

It is nice to enjoy the peace and tranquility of camper van life as I experienced in my recent bothy adventure. Sometimes however you need to get a bit of work done or want to catch up on the latest blockbuster movie while on the move. Bosses don’t seem to understand the reply of van […]

What drone should I buy to use outdoors in the mountains?

Drones have been in the news frequently lately through misuse in urban areas and near busy flight paths.  This presents a good opportunity to reduce some of the negativity around the technology and your drone to a safer purpose in the mountains.   Well away from populated areas and in open spaces, a drone can be […]

Do I need a GPS for exploring the mountains and munro bagging?

I’ve been asked this question by many hill walkers when they begin looking at longer mountain routes or munros that don’t have a clearly defined path to the summit.  While a GPS is no replacement for a map, compass and the knowledge to use it, they can be useful pieces of technology to help route finding outdoors. […]